Chapter FL1-K 2015 Couple of the Year

Dan & Barbara Randall




We have been married 61 years and we are local folks. We have four children, all grown, with five grandchildren and one great-grandson.

We started with GWRRA in 1986 with Chapter H, Daytona Beach. Yes, the old, original chapter.

This Chapter H was reformed in 1987 with the designation of FL1-H and we were asked to serve as Assistant Area Representative. We became Chapter FL1-H's directors in 1990, and then, Senior CDs for seven years. In 2000 we took the position of Assistant District Directors. After that, we took a few years off, then one day, Doug Gray called and asked us to be a part of the newly chartered FL1-K as Ride Captain. We started, again, to have fun!

We are honored, now, to serve as Assistant Chapter Directors for Chapter K.

We have met so many super folks and made so many great friends around the United States. Our lives are rich from GWRRA membership and we are honored to serve as your Couple of the Year. We hope to make many visits to our sister chapters in 2016. Our object is to have fun! Right!

Dan and Barbara