FL1-K 2012 FL1-K Couple of the Year

Bill and Betty Brattain



Betty and Bill have their roots in North Carolina. Betty having graduated from East Carolina University and Bill from N. C. State University. Both have careers which have taken them across the U. S. from New England to Denver and points in between. Betty has a background in commercial real estate and as an elementary school teacher. Bill has 44 years in the construction industry and both are still active in their fields.

Bill had his first bike in 1970 and has had a total of 7 bikes counting the 2002 Goldwing. Most of the miles the Goldwing has logged were two-up. Bill and Betty joined the Chapter in January 2011. Betty has taken the job of treasurer and they both look forward to a lot of fun with the Chapter this year and in the coming years.

William J & Betty Brattain